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Proposed Bylaws Changes


AFGE Text Information

Text AFGE to 97779.

Will ask for full name.

Will ask for zip code.

Will inquire about opting in to Town Hall notifications and robocalls.

ONLY use your personal cell phone number while on your OWN TIME. DO NOT do this while on duty or using government equipment.

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AFGE-Local 3283 Regular Body Meetings (RBM) Scheduled For 2020.

CLOSED (Union Members Only) For All Listed Meetings.

All Listed Meetings Will Be Held Via Zoom Until Further Notice.

From 12:00pm To 1:00pm For All Listed Meetings. ***ALL MEETINGS START PROMPTLY AT NOON.***

  • Meeting 1: To Be Determined (TBD)
  • Meeting 2: TBD
  • Meeting 3: TBD
  • Meeting 4: TBD
  • Meeting 5: TBD
  • Meeting 6: TBD
  • Meeting 7: TBD
  • Meeting 8: TBD
  • Meeting 9: TBD
  • Meeting 10: TBD
  • Meeting 11: TBD
  • Meeting 12: TBD

AFGE-Local 3283 2018 Election Results

President – Denise Glover*
Executive Vice President – Laurie Glicker*
Treasurer – Brenda Allison*
Secretary – Ricarlo Winfrey*

Delegates –

  • Denise Glover#
  • Laurie Glicker#
  • Brenda Allison
  • Ricarlo Winfrey
  • Dawn Craig, retired
  • Maria Carstarphen

Alternate Delegates –

  • Sherri Martin

*Elected By Acclamation
#Elected By Virtue Of Office 


Bryan Johnson

Selected as the 2019 UNSUNG HERO. Award presented at the United Labor Agency event in November 2019.